• A real, high-demand product that absolutely sells itself - our affiliates make money immediately!
  • A time-tested program that has been working for 30 years....
  • An opportunity for you to be rewarded in proportion to your hard work - and be your own boss...
  • A growing, medium-sized company in which your success is really as important to us as it is to you....
  • A completely honest assessment of the market and your earning potential
  • A remarkably minimal amount of start-up cash required

Tired of smoke and mirrors....?

We've all seen the ads on the internet, and elsewhere: sit at your computer and get rich in a month. Here's a headline from one ad: "How I make over $5,000+ per month part-time using the Google Network". Frankly, if you're foolish enough to believe that sort of thing you might want to stop reading right now - it's ridiculous, of course. And then there are the multi-level marketing schemes - most just barely legal - in which you actually only make money by pestering family and friends to buy "start up kits", themselves....forget selling an actual product. In fact, if you've ever been approached by these folks they typically avoid telling you the name of the company they're representing (what are they afraid of?) or precisely what it is they're selling. All they want to tell is you is that you won't have to do much and that you're going to get rich, quick. C'mon! In short, it seems the vast majority of business opportunities advertised on the internet, in newspapers, etc. involve various forms of deception and false claims. And, on the rare occassion that a business is completely legitimate the start up costs are usually prohibitive for the vast majority of people.

The product and the program: zero smoke and mirrors

At JNR Wholesale Warehouse we sell economy bedding. While no industry is completely recession-proof the market we're in has proven to be highly recession resistant. Unlike a lot of other products, including furniture generally, quality of sleep issues and changing life situations periodically make the purchase of new bedding mandatory. Wherever you live you've probably noticed that when a big store furniture buys television or radio advertising they invariably feature their mattress department. Why? Plain and simple, when they can't sell much of anything else they can always sell mattresses. And, with the economy in rough shape everyone is trying to save money wherever they can. Our manufacturer has opened two new plants in the last 12 months in an effort to keep up with the demand.

What can you expect from JNR...and how much money can you make?

Over the 3 decades that we've been in the mattress and furniture business we've fine-tuned a program that will absolutely help you make money your first week. We're experts in innovative marketing and we'll provide you with the knowledge and the tools that will guarantee your success. Remember - we charge so little to get you started that your success is critical to our success! Here are just some of the things you'll get as an affiliate:
  • Get an actual domain name and web site that would cost thousands of dollars as part of the package... The web hosting and site updates are completely free!
  • We'll show you how to master internet marketing tools like CraigsList (and similar sites) and provide you with custom templates that will set you apart from your competition....
  • We'll provide with dozens of cheap marketing tricks to drive business to your door...

Earning potential

The bad news: We're not going to tell you you're going to become a millionaire. At JNR - from the bottom to the top of the organization - we pride ourselves on our blue-collar backgrounds and a committment to honesty.

The good news: You really will make money immediately. Further...

  • Our affiliates working full-time average $45k to $75k annually
  • Our affiliates working part-time average $25k to $35k annually
And the opportunity for growth is, really, unlimited. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and commitment.

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